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Strategic human resource management

Strategic human resources management is an activity of the senior managers of the organization for the management of persons employed in the labor process, aimed at developing and implementing the long-term strategy of the organization in this area, as well as developing and implementing functional strategies. necessary to achieve the long-term goals of the organization.

Strategic Human Resource Management refers to the overall direction that the organization wants to follow in achieving its goals through people. Reference: “Introduction to the concept of human resource management“,

It is argued that since it is ultimately the people who implement the strategic plan, senior management must take this key factor into account when developing corporate strategies.

In addition, it is argued that a firm’s strategic ability to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage depends on its ability to provide resources, and people unequivocally constitute the primary resource.

Strategic HRM can be seen as an approach to dealing with long-term human problems as part of the task of strategic business management. In general, Human Resources Management addresses all major issues related to people who influence or are influenced by the organization’s strategic plans and provides an “agenda” for change that sets out how these issues will be addressed.

Strategic management means that managers look forward to what they need to achieve in the medium or relatively long term. Reference: “For Certified Human Resources Manager: The Internal Environment for HR Management“,

Strategic management deals with both goals and resources. As a goal, it describes the vision of what something will look like in a few years.

As a tool, he shows what the expectations are for this vision to be realized. Strategic management, therefore, is vision management that deals with the creation and conceptualization of ideas about where the organization should go.

The main functions of strategic human resource management are:

Development of the strategy of the human resources organization so that it corresponds to its market and technology strategy and leads to their implementation.

Development of a plan (plans) for the implementation of the human resources strategy adopted by the organization.

Organizing the work for the implementation of the developed plans ensures the implementation of the adopted strategy in the field of human resources.

Coordinating the work for the implementation of the plans, ensuring the implementation of the adopted strategy in the field of human resources.

Controlling the functioning human resources management system in the organization.

Development and implementation of programs for the improvement of the system for the strategic and operational management of human resources.

The strategy of Human Resources Management, the development of the functional strategy, their integration into a common strategy for the management of people in the labor process, and its coordination with the strategic goals of the organization is a relatively complex process.

Its resolution is difficult, especially in large organizations, where there are many conflicting interests.

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