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Why do you want to study project management, what ambitions and motivates you?

Project management training is top-rated today, and many professionals want to get into project management. However, everyone has different motivations. We are posting a real answer to a survey named “Why do you want to study project management, what ambitions and motivates you?”

The fastest and shortest answer to this question is “my job”. But for the sake of clarity, I will have to go into detail. For over ten years, I began to pursue an area of ​​interest to me, called clinical trials. The main work is related to the development, implementation and successful implementation of projects aimed at registering a new medicinal product or obtaining additional information about an already registered medicinal product.

The projects we work on are large-scale, involving a wide range of specialists, resources, skills, resources and always adhere to high standards and strict deadlines. My medical education helps me understand the goals, means, and methods we use to achieve our ultimate goals.

But I am convinced that additional project management training will allow me to have a more critical and analytical view of the whole project creation from proper initiation, through the monitoring process to the quality and timely completion.

What qualities or skills do you think will benefit you in project management?

What qualities and skills are useful in this job is a difficult question for me. Certainly, those familiar with the matter have a clear idea of ​​what qualities a successful manager needs. I hope that by the end of this course, I will have a strong opinion on the qualities I need to build. For now, I will share what qualities I find that help me in my current work:

Every project always has problems, some easily solved, others requiring more serious efforts. In my personal experience, I have noticed two main types of people – those who do not take responsibility for solving the problem and transfer it to a higher hierarchical level and those who try to resolve it with their available knowledge and resources. I consider it my strength to endeavor to solve problems without escalating them.

Another personal quality that I find useful for any type of job is my ability to manage my time well. I often emphasize this quality to management, which is easily verifiable with timely completion of my assigned activities and strict adherence to deadlines adopted by the company (keeping the metrics on a high level).

As a soft skill, I can hone my teamwork skills. Quite clichéd, but I’m always ready to support or help a colleague to reach our ultimate goal – completing a project in a timely and quality manner.

What qualities or skills do you think will prevent you from doing your project management job well?

It is even harder to describe the qualities that impede my work. Certainly, impartial self-esteem is a skill of few people and I am not among them. But for this training, I will point out two other qualities that hinder my work:

I have high requirements for the quality of the work done. I deliberately do not use the word perfectionism because it is unattainable for me. The main problem is that I am demanding not only for my work but also for that of the other team members. In our work, this leads to difficulties when deadlines have to be met, and the resources available are scarce.

Sometimes it is necessary to focus on reaching the end product within the agreed timeframe while neglecting the small details that take a lot of time and resources.

I have difficulty delegating work. I am fully aware that teamwork should be distributed, but if I consider that there may be a compromise on quality, I tend to undertake any task that I can.

I try to learn not to expect perfectionism from others. Although I am convinced that the desire for a high level of completed work has many advantages, I try to overcome pettiness by focusing on the end goal and not on the individual bases needed to achieve it.

I overcome my demand for detail by accumulating more experience in the field in which I work. Due to the nature of the quality, I cannot state the exact deadline, and I also think that the moderate demand is fruitful.

I have been trying to overcome my difficulties in delegating for years. My plan is to precisely select colleagues for the different types of tasks, depending on their strengths, of course, if that is possible.

As a deadline to reach, I can point to a time when my workload will far exceed my ability to accomplish. This process has already started, and for its implementation, I put more time and effort into the training and guidance of the colleagues to whom I delegate.

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